Symphogear G Episode #13

Hey guys and girls, it’s the “belated” finale of Symphogear G as Hibiki Tachibana absorbed Maria Cadenzavna Eve’s Gungnir and returned to the battlefield!

As for Dr. Ver, he’s shitting bricks because Hibiki is back in action! I have that mad scientist!

On the other hand, Prof. Nastassja is slowly dying after being launched towards the moon. It’s sucks that she won’t see the Earth being saved by the Symphogear users… if they succeed.

Rest in peace Ma’am Nastassja, let the Symphogear users do the rest!

Speaking of Maria Cadenzavna Eve, looks like she’s motivated to save Earth thanks to Serena. Yes, that girl who lost her life while crying bloody tears!

Somehow, Serena Cadenzavna Eve is acting like Kanade Amou. Then again, I guess both Maria Cadenzavna Eve and Tsubasa Kazanari have somewhat similar backstories.

Thanks to her sister Serena, Maria Cadenzavna Eve has returned to sing and fight once more as she wield the relic Airgetlám‎. And BTW, nice outfit!

Also, Shirabe Tsukuyomi and Kirika Akatsuki joined in to help Hibiki Tachibana. Befriending at its finest, thanks to Hibiki!

And let’s not forget Chris Yukine and Tsubasa Kazanari, as they joined Hibiki for this final battle!

By the way, they haven’t changed their wardrobe since the finale from Season 1.

Now that they’re powered up, they need to stop Nephilim first as it reached its final form. Why it was transformed into this ultimate lifeform?

Because Dr. Ver did such as last-ditch option when he’s out of it. Yup, he already shit his pants!

Then again, Genjuro Kazanaru doesn’t give a fuck about it! Sorry Dr. Ver, but they’ll arrest you after you after this mess!

For now, let’s finish Nephilim with the power of friendship and songs. I guess Satelight took some notes from Nanoha A’s, especially the final episode of that series.

Now then, about the finisher? Let’s have an attack that is similar to GaoGaiGar and Shin Mazinger Z…

Oh, and add Nana Mizuki’s “Vitalization” to the mix. There’s nothing wrong on using song titles as a final attack!

So yes, Nephilim is destroyed inside Solomon’s dimension space…

And for added measure, here’s Miku Kohinata throwing the Solomon’s Cane into Nephilim so that no one would make Noise monsters ever again.

Yup, she really mean it as Nephilim is destroyed along with the Noise and the Solomon’s Cane in another dimension.

Well, that’s the end of Symphogear G. It was a good improvement over the first season and I enjoy it more thanks to the addition of new character to fight against Hibiki Tachibana and her friends, although I like the 4th Episode of Season 1 thanks to Tsubasa’s “swan song”!

Speaking of the ending, seems that Dr. Ver’s life will end behind bars!

And I was thinking of having him prison rape and mental deterioration to make his life more miserable!

As for Maria Cadenzavna Eve, she has to leave along with Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi.

I guess she has some things to do since Maria cannot set foot on her singing career yet.

Maybe some soul-searching would do the trick if she plans for a comeback! But anyways, this is farewell for Hibiki Tachibana and her friends…

And BTW, if Satelight made another season, they should create in the style of Nanoha StrikerS, or add some male idols for kicks. Mamoru Miyano and T.M.Revolution would make a good male counterpart for ZweiWing!

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