Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode #01

Ladies and gentlemen, your baseball anime has returned… without the emphasis of baseball! Oh Kyousuke, you and your antics amuses me!

BTW, about the baseball match from the final episode of Season 1? They lost, so I apologize for that mistake!

Yes, Little Busters! have returned and things would get ugly since this is a visual novel adaptation from Key. Yes, don’t let the silliness fool you, it’s deep like in CLANNAD…

And it goes deeper when J.C.Staff introduces an arc already! Typically, they would do a re-introductory episode, but damn they made it quick just like Shakugan no Shana III!

So yes, I’ll introduce you the Yuiko Kurugaya arc, where she drops her cool act…

…and becomes enraged with a single kick. You’ll never look in the mirror again when she kick you in the face!

So anyways, it’s gonna be a good arc to start the second season of Little Busters! Still, I wish they would stop putting those random Narcolepsy attacks on Riki… unless it is linked to the secret of the world!

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