Freezing Vibration Episode #01

Hello pervs, Freezing is back! I was once gonna watch this sequel only after hearing rumors that they’ll gonna adapt an infamous arc where Satellizer meets her bastard brother.

But then again, it seems that they’ll skip that arc and move to the next one! I hope they’ll do this arc and not going back to the previous one.

Anyways, this arc focuses on the arrival of E-Pandoras. Think of it as Cyber Newtypes who are expendable, but they don’t try to become fodders for the Nova.

Still, I think it’s gonna be a good arc, despite the fanservice. Whose Pandora reigns supreme!

Speaking of fanservice, it’s back and it’s now in widescreen! Aside from the E-Pandora, new characters are introduced, including this bubblegum pink-haired American Pandora named Roxanne Elipton.

Thumbs up to the staff, you sure put the sexy back!

Next episode, there would be a battle between natural Pandoras and E-Pandoras. Whose Pandora- Okay, I already said that!

See you next week!

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