Kyoukai no Kanata Episode #02

Oh shit, Mako- I mean, Hirofumi-sempai! You’re dipping into BL!

On this episode of Free! Kyoukai no Kanata, our heroine is currently hunting down her first youmu!

Yes, Mirai is gonna taste her first victory as a Spirit Warrior. The problem is that not only she’s a klutz, but she’s hesitant to kill someone. What!?

That’s right, Mirai is getting the jitters to kill an enemy, where most of the Spirit Warriors are competing and hunting for youmu crystals (or something shiny) so they could trade it for money.

Of course, there’s a reason for that… Mirai killed someone in cold blood! Okay, that was a surprise but it’s not like she reluctantly slash a victim to death.

Anyways, I guess there would be an explanation on the next episode or two. And BTW, Akihito’s mom is so hawt! I bet that there would be MILF doujins after this!

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