Fall 2013: The rest of the field…

This post is brought you by Infinite Stratos! But anyways, this is the obligatory post where I watch anime series while not adding them on my blog list, ’cause it’s hard to cover all of them!

BTW, I’ve added Kill La Kill and Tokyo Ravens on my watch list.

01. Gundam Build Fighters

Let’s start with Gundam, where kids build Gunplas and use them for battle. While the concept is similar to Gunpla Builders G and Plamo Kyo-shiro, this show is simplified for marketing towards kids (unlike Gundam AGE where it somewhat failed badly).

Also, this show has two protagonists where Sei Iori is the commander (since he’s sucks at battling) and Reiji is the ace pilot. Still, I wish this show will have 25 episodes airing in TV Tokyo since they don’t want to clash with Danball Senki.

And BTW, Mikako Komatsu is voicing another young male protagonist. Too bad that he’s not as badass as Joey. And also, please check out on some shout-outs and cameo appearances like Mr. Ral!

02. Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!

Second anime is all about women’s wrestling! Pretty straight-forward for a plot where a top idol becomes a professional wrestler.

Be warned though as this show has crotch shots, but you’ll disappointed where it has steam and lightbeams covering naked boobies, despite airing in AT-X!

03. Tokyo Ravens

Next up is Tokyo Ravens where being an onmyouji is serious business, sometimes they might cause trouble than doing exorcism (or so I heard).

The plot is okay, but I think they need to excite the viewers more. Also, the male protagonist needs to toughen up instead of being a weak character. Seriously, he let a girl stole his kiss in front of his female friend during the summer festival. That’s a no-no!

04. Nagi no Asukara

P.A.Works is back by making this anime where sea-borne humans meet their land-living counterparts. Like any typical P.A.Works anime, it has beautiful background.

For the characters, despite being designed by Buriki of Haganai and Denpa Onna fame, they have flaws but they have the potential to grow. Still, it’s gonna be one hell of a love triangle, as well as conflict between two different human beings.

05. Kill la Kill

And finally, here’s Kill La Kill where everyone is hype on watching this series. Even though I didn’t watched Gurren Lagann, it looks and feels like one. In fact, the staff from Gurren Lagann made this anime from an upstart studio called TRIGGER.

Other than having the feel of Gurren Lagann, it looks fantastic with retro-styled design! Maybe in the future, I’ll blog this one during the second half. For now, it’s gonna be a student-of-the week formula until the staff get serious with the plot.

Anyways, that would be it for this post. And BTW, the blog entry for Golden Time and Coppellion will be posted later.

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