Strike the Blood Episode #02

Himeragi, I know that you’re observing Akatsuki but please dry yourself first or you might get a cold.

Anyways, the observation continues. But it seems that seeing wet girls makes Akatsuki-kun more horny. After all, he’s a vampire!

On this episode of Strike the Blood, a new enemy is introduced who came from the West European Church, trying to find the Fourth Progenitor, which is Kujou Akatsuki.

Well Akatsuki-kun, you’re getting famous…

Likewise, the battle ensued, and it seems that SILVER LINK did a good job on making it fluid, if not being speed up a bit.

Still, Yukina is no match for that monocle guy!

Luckily, Akatsuki saves the day and he’s channeling the Touma Kamijou inside of him! Good job Kojou but…

…can you explain yourself why you’re getting powered-up in a worse way? Oh well, I guess Kojou lost copious amount of blood after receiving a hit from that guy and his familiar girl.

Anyways, I guess these two will get away unscathed on the next episode. Pfft, at least give them a beating they deserve!

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