Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode #02

“Moe moe… KYUN!

Oh Kyousuke, you and your K-On! shout-outs… (Technically it’s not a shout-out, but it’s still counts for me!)

But anyways, the Kurugaya arc continues where surprisingly, she’s getting interested in Riki, especially with his pants.

Heheh, I have a feeling that there would be a love- Wait, J.C.Staff can’t make it into a sexy harem anime. Just leave that to Key and their Adults-Only remake Little Busters Ecstasy on PCs!

Although it’s a good thing that Riki is having a crush on Kurugaya-san…

The fact that some people like Masato and Kengo (plus Rin) are getting jealous that Riki is in love with Yuiko! C’mon guys, get a hold of yourself even though Riki is cute!

Anyways, it’s gonna be a final stretch for this arc if it ends next week! Unfortunately, I have a feeling that J.C.Staff would extend Kurugaya’s arc to 4 episodes now that someone has made “an endless recursion of time!”

Whoever ruined the fireworks display will not be forgiven!

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