WHITE ALBUM 2 Episode #02

This is Setsuna Ogiso. And while her hair is tied in braids while wearing glasses, she’s still beautiful…

…and she can sing too! Too bad that she might be an idol to everyone than to Haruki only.

But anyways, Setsuna joins the Light Music Club. Unfortunately, Haruki doesn’t have tea or sweets to keep her, unlike a certain club from Sakurakou High School. (Madoka Yonezawa voices Ui Hirasawa from K-On! and Setsuna Ogiso from WHITE ALBUM 2)

So yes, the Light Music Club is saved thanks to idol power…

…and they got another one in the form of Kazusa Touma. I’m glad that she has a line on this episode, but it seems that her voice is bit deep. I guess that Hitomi Nabatame wants to make sure that Kazusa is the ice queen with her deep voice, and I’m loving it!

Anyways, on to the next episode… I hope Haruki is all right. It’s dangerous to walk across the edge of a building!

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