Freezing Vibration Episode #02

Well, it’s time for the second episode of Freezing Vibration. Yes, you can argue whatever you want on who’s going to be Kazuya’s partner.

As for Kazuya, he’s irrelevant on this episode. Sorry to say this but you’re a spectator!

And so, this episode is a match between the original Pandoras and their mass-produced counterparts called E-Pandoras.

As expected, most of the E-Pandoras are weak compared to the originals which is why they can’t summon their Volt Weapons. One exemption though is Amelia Evans, who can summon her Volt Weapon at will and she is stronger than the rest.

Unfortunately, Amelia’s strength is not enough. Heck, she can’t even beat Elizabeth Mably, despite Liz not activating her Volt Weapon. If she does, the fight will end it quickly.

Even though E-Pandoras improve themselves by collecting data from the originals, I guess they’re nothing but fodders against Nova.

Nice fight Amelia, but you have to become stronger if you want to live and fight. Being Nova fodder is suffering!

Anyways, on to the next episode…

And to end this post, here’s Elizabeth in the nude. I wonder if she wears a bra despite being naked in the pool? Her boobies are gonna sag if she doesn’t wear one!

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