Coppelion Episode #03

NOTE: This apple he’s holding doesn’t have a taste of a real thing.

After dealing with convicts last week, this week’s episode involves a scientist named Denjiro Shiba.

While he’s obviously old, he’s responsible for making a powerplant in the Old Capital, in which that said powerplant made a big “nuclear” bang known as The Incident.

BTW, it’s very taboo to discuss nuclear fallout ever since the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, which is followed by the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Japan is too sensitive on that topic.

But anyways, he’s atoning his sins by delivering goods to survivors, and eventually helping Copellion on hunting down a B2 Stealth Bomber, after they save Granny Ayame. (PROTIP: Stinger Missiles are ineffective against stealth aircraft unless the ammo is specially-made.)

On the other hand, Coppelion’s evil counterpart didn’t appear on this episode. Maybe they’ll be introduced in later episodes. Stupid spoiler opening!

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