Kyoukai no Kanata Episode #03

Everything is better with glasses, as demonstrated by Mitsuki Nase…

Of course, not all of them agreed. BTW, Hirofumi-sempai is a siscon to Mitsuki, just to let you know!

But anyways, another enemy has appeared. Not a typical rouge youmu, but a stronger one called Hollow Shadow.

On the other hand, there’s further explanation on why Mirai hesitates to kill someone. In fact, the reason she accidentally killed someone is because her friend Yui Inami was possessed by the Hollow Shadow.

I understand why Mirai is at fault, but she should learn her mistakes so it would never happen again.

Yet, she couldn’t do it right now since Mirai is being attacked by another Spirit Warrior named Sakura. I guess that she’s in a pinch, but she’ll be saved by Akkey!

Anyways, on to the next episode where Akkey and Mirai are trying to escape from this bizarre dimension.

And BTW Akkey, if you are a glasses fetish, try watching Meganebu! It’s full of glasses, except that it has an “almost” all-male cast.

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