Machine-Doll is Unbreakable Episode #02

Not so fast there, Raishin… You’re still not yet powerful to beat the likes of Magnus.

Oh well, just give him a present instead. Save your revenge for later!

So anyways, this episode has shifted to a Machine-doll murder mystery. Of course, neither Magnus nor Raishin didn’t commit this crime since they’re busy during Episode 1. That’s because a mysterious killer called Cannibal Candy who kills Machine-dolls behind the scenes.

Still, I wonder if Felix Kingsfort would offer Raishin a spot at the festival if he succeeds in solving the murder case. Oh well, moving on…

On the other hand, Charlotte invites Raishin on a date, in which he agreed. Of course, he’s acting as a bait for Charlotte since she might be targeted as well.

But anyways, next episode is where Raishin fights Cannibal Candy!

As for Yaya, she shouldn’t cry heavily just because Raishin is dating someone. Poor Sigmund, he’s being swallowed by Yaya’s hailstorm tears! *chuckles*

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