Golden Time Episode #03

On this episode of Golden Time, Banri and Kouko are running away from a cult. Okay, that’s the weirdest thing since Kitamura’s naked Christmas costume. Still, it’s no good to have a cult inside the college campus. Who the hell did they allow those things anyway?

On the other hand, there is character development as Banri explains why he has amnesia. Sure, he did fall down to a bridge before his high-school graduation, and his old self died after getting a head injury. But I guess he worried about his identity on whether to retain his new persona or not.

As for Kouko, I already discussed last time that she’s lonely without Mitsuo. But of course, she’ll change in later episodes thanks to Banri.

Anyways, the escape from the cult continues. Good thing Linda find both of them just in time.

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