Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #14

So, remember Akira Renbokouji? Yes, the girl who is a hikikomori because of bullying reasons. Well, she’s officially joined the Valvrave Team. Of course, she doesn’t want to see people.

But hey, at least she’s starting to gain trust on others, including Marie. Yeah, that girl who grabbed the teacher’s boobies back in Ep. 1, if you remember that.

Anyways, Akira is trying to make friends, but she still hate her brother so much!

Speaking of Akira’s not-so-reliable brother, the reason why she hates Satomi-oniichan is because he didn’t defend her when she was caught hacking on his entrance exam grades.

At least pretend that you told her to cheat, but the damage has been done since Akira was bullied enough! And BTW you stupid Satomi, why you’re being so pre-occupied with your parents’ expectation in the first place anyway? None of this would have happened if you protect her!

Anyways, all’s well that end’s well when there is reconciliation betweem Satomi and Akira, and it looks like Haruto managed to save Akira from being burned to a crisp.

Next week, the Valvrave team explore Dorussia, and meet Liselotte along the way! (I hope…)

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