Freezing Vibration Episode #03

For some reason, Kazuya’s screentime is getting less in later episode. I guess he’s just a pussy and being irrelevant on this arc.

Not that Satellizer cares, she is still Kazuya’s Limiter. Yet she can’t baptize him because of her trauma. Dammit Satella-sempai, just go on with your stupid trauma already. (And don’t show it to me!)

Anyways, it’s the debut of the E-Pandora Mk. 4, which uses Satellizer’s data as a catalyst. Unfortunately, it gets worse from there as there are side-effects like turning the host into a Nova.

I guess Amelia was the lucky one to have Mk. 3 installed on her body. As for Gina, not so much!

But anyways, it’s gonna be problematic on the next episode. I guess the originals have no choice but to dispose Gina.

As for these two, I guess they’ll chickened out on this since they can’t hurt a friend.

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