Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode #03

Guys and gals, it’s the conclusion to Yuiko Kurugaya’s arc! I have to be honest with you everyone, but I cried a little on watching the ending for this episode.

BTW Riki, Kyousuke won’t help you this time!

So the reason why June 20 is being repeated? Sure, someone wished that it will stay the same forever.

But it seems that repeating the same day for eternity is not a good idea. I mean, it is possible to have snow in June, where it’s supposed to be summer? No, it’s not!

It turns out, it was Kurugaya who made a wish to repeat the same day all over again. While she remembers the fireworks from last episode, she did it because of Riki-kun. Ever since she met Riki-kun, Kurugaya-anego’s life was changed since she was once an emotionless girl to begin with.

Alas, Kurugaya-san will have to say good-bye to Riki-kun and forget all about it. This is the part where I cry inside now that she’s gone and she exist only in Riki’s dreams. *sniff*

Although this arc didn’t end with a smooch and becoming a couple, at least the ending is significant because it sets the tone for the next serious arc. And I bet that it’s Rin’s turn to have an arc of her own.

So, let’s end this post with Yuiko Kurugaya’s last smile. And you know what, I’m gonna miss Anego! *cries*

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