Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust

Gambling aside, but this is the final stretch for Mardock Scramble. Still, at least Rune is resilient and never back down, especially when she’s up against a security manager named Ashley Harvest as a dealer.

Anyways, the plot has thickened even more as Rune Balot looked into Shell’s memories, embedded into million-dollar chips during Blackjack. It turns out, he was raped by his mother when he was 18. Then Shell killed his mother by rigging the car with explosives.

After that, he becomes a homicidal maniac where he kills girls who were raped by their parents, which includes Rune Balot. Oh yeah, and it also includes that autistic daughter too.

Still, Rune persevered and won the trial thanks to the million-dollar chips. Even though Shell is put into justice, it’s not yet over!

In fact, Shell escaped prison and he has nowhere to run now that he’s been hunted by Mr. Boiled. Despite being a criminal, he’s useful as a witness when it comes to dealing with October Corp’s shady business.

BTW, the CEO of the October Corp. is so shitty that not only he sold his autistic daughter, but he’s a pedophile too. (You may not click the link if you’re squicky about it!)

At this point, Shell Septinos is so pathetic that he’s irrelevant after he was found by Rune Balot and return his memories. Let the police take care of him.

So, with Mr. Shell’s case is done, it’s time for a re-match between Rune Balot and Œufcoque against Mr. Boiled. It is the most spectacular scene and it’s the climax for this trilogy!

For those who don’t know, both Mr. Boiled and Œufcoque were once partners until Œufcoque decides to call it quits since Mr. Boiled lives to kill people. Oh, and Mr. Boiled can’t sleep since he’s drugged and conditioned to become awake 24/7.

Still, it’s gonna be a big challenge for Rune to put a man down. Last time, she’s gone out of control during her first encounter with Mr. Boiled. But now, Rune has the confidence to put him the big sleep, which she succeeds on the second try.

What can I say, overcoming Shell Septinos is a challenge, but bringing down Mr. Boiled is like a final boss fight. But hey, at least he can finally sleep for a long time!

In the end, the case is finally closed as Shell Septinos was detained (if they found the body) and put into question in regards to October Corp. While Rune suffered emotionally during the course of the trilogy, at least she overcome the challenges thanks to Œufcoque, and become a free person from her troubled past.

Anyways, this is the end of Mardock Scramble. Despite having those squicky moments, it was an experience on watching this glorious trilogy by GoHands that it ends with a bang!

I hope that the studio will prosper on their upcoming projects (like a second season of Seitokai Yakuindomo), but I’ll miss Megumi Hayashibara’s lovely voice as the lead character for Mardock Scramble (although she has some roles such as Detective Conan and Pokemon).

Now then, it’s time to say farewell to Rune Balot and Œufcoque.

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