Kyoukai no Kanata Episode #04

Guys and gals, it’s the continuation of last week’s episode. Sure, Akihito saved Mirai from being killed by Sakura. But now, they’re in another dimension. Too bad that they didn’t make it deranged like SHAFT!

BTW, this Sakura is related to Yui Inami, also known as the girl who was possessed by a Hollow Shadow. I guess that explains why she attacked Mirai in Ep. 3.

Unfortunately, she’s not important for the rest of this episode. Maybe she’s an idiot for not realizing that it’s the Hollow Shadow’s fault for having her sister to die in a gruesome way!

So anyways, the hunt for the Hollow Shadow continues on this episode. As you can see, Mirai wants it dead by slicing it with her blood blade. Of course, it’s not enough to defeat the Hollow Shadow.

It even tries to possess Akihito, and almost succeeding it too!

But thanks to Akkey’s immortality (due to being a half-youmu), Mirai can stab him along with the Hollow Shadow to death. I guess it’s over, right?

Nope, it’s not yet over as Akkey succumbs to the will of the Hollow Shadow. Okay, just kidding!

In reality, it was his youmu instincts that awakened him to become an enraged son of a bitch.

Heck, even Hiromi and Ayaka can’t handle Akkey’s berserk state! No wonder Hiromi got scars when subduing him…

Still, the only way to calm Akihito down is a takedown from Mirai-chan! It’s super effective!

In the end, Akkey returned to normal while the Hollow Shadow is defeated.

Of course, things got so stingy when it comes to payout. 200 yen after beating a Hollow Shadow? No thank you, I’ll just keep that stone instead! (Unless someone swapped it while the real one was handed down to some mysterious group… or so I thought.)

In any case, the crisis is averted for the time being. It’s on to the next episode, and I have to say that Episode 4 is very unpleasant to watch (yet it’s awesome at the same time!).

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