Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Lovecome o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru Episode #03

So, remember last week’s question on what to do with Yukihira? Well, the answer is number one!

Of course, making her laugh by accidentally drop a banana peel and slip is kinda lame in my opinion…

But hey, it works for her and thus, the first mission is completed. Unfortunately, I think she’s hiding her true feelings to Kanade (like a kuudere would do…), while snapping his neck and repeatedly bash his skull to forget what he saw in Ep. 2.

Totally, just what the hell happened to Yukihira after crying and being embarrassed at poor Kanade?

Anyways, moving on to this episode, Kanade has another mission which involves panties… That’s right, panties that are obscured by light or other objects to block it. Silly censorship!

Yet, they show it in the end… Albeit with garter-belts that are far superior than plain panties alone.

See that girl who wears panties with garter-belt? That’s Ouka Yuouji who is part of the Reject Five (together with Kanade Amakusa and Furano Yukihira). While the other one with checkers is Ouka’s best friend Konagi Yawakaze, who is part of the Popular Five. Just remember, no regrets when looking at them, okay?

And here are their respective faces, if you’re having regrets on seeing panties. But anyways, another mission is completed, and we’re moving on to the next episode!

BTW, I’m not gonna do another question to answer. It’s too complicated and too lame to come up with one!

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