Golden Time Episode #04

Guys and gals, the escape from the cult has ended with both Banri and Kouko-chan safe thanks to Linda-sempai! And BTW, that guy with the glasses is called 2D-kun, just to let you know.

In any case, I’m sad that they J.C.Staff cut it short in regards to both of them spending the night at the Festival Club’s seminar house! But that’s okay ’cause…

…the bitch is unleashed. It’s a rare footage of Kouko Kaga being alpha! Too bad that she embarrass herself in the process.

And for the finishing touches, Mitsuo finally said to her that he’s sick and tired of her nagging and decides to have Chinami Ouka as his girlfriend. Oh yeah, and that girl with the pink hair? That’s Chinami!

Well, I guess that finally settles it now that it’s over for both Mitsuo and Kouko. I mean, it’s a one-sided love from the beginning, and I think Kouko needs understanding instead of jumping the gun. As for Mitsuo, it sure took the right time to tell Kouko that he doesn’t love her anymore.

But seriously Kouko, if you have a broken heart, you still have Banri at your side. Of course, that depends if your parents agree on having Banri as her boyfriend…

But you want something different to ease your pain, how about a punk concert by Nana. And I don’t mean Nana Mizuki, I meant the eponymous character from NANA.

Oh yeah, and shout your heart out by telling Mitsuo that he’s an idiot. Of course, she’s also an idiot too!

BTW, it’s a surprise that Satomi Satou’s voice is deep when voicing NANA. I usually hear her voice when she’s voicing genki girls like Ritsu Tainaka, or ojou-sama characters like Eru Chitanda or Aria Shichijou. But this one is a nice change.

Anyways, on to the next episode… And one more thing, I have a feeling that Linda-sempai is more than just a girl who knows Banri much.

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