Infinite Stratos 2 Episode #04

Continuing from last week’s episode, there is an intruder codenamed Autumn who is inside IS Academy trying to take Ichika’s precious Byakushiki.

Oh, and she’s not hastily prepared…

Autumn is highly prepared to yank Ichika’s IS out of his body! Oh well, good luck to you Ichika…

Oh wait, I spoke too soon! Damn them and her sticky web of doom, they should have taken his pants instead! BTW, about the intruder? She came from a mysterious organization known as Phantom Task.

That’s right, Season 2 has finally got a mysterious organization acting as the primary antagonists instead of having malfunctioning unmanned IS wrecking the whole academy. Oh, and they once kidnapped Ichika before!

Fortunately, Tatenashi-kaichou came to the rescue as she has an IS of her own. Being the student council president isn’t just for show!

Thanks to Tatenashi’s arrival, the intruder is defeated and rescued Ichika. Of course, it’s not yet over…

In fact, Autumn has reinforcements to make her escape. Damn her!

BTW, for those who watched the cold opening from the first episode, this mysterious IS is called Silent Zephyrus which is the successor to the Blue Tears. Of course, this IS was stolen by Phantom Task and it is now being used to take Ichika and the rest down before leaving. Bastards!

For now, Ichika is safe thanks to Tatenashi-kaichou. Unfortunately for Ichika, he needs to get stronger if he wants to protect himself and bring Phantom Task down to its knees.

On the other hand, he should get off from Tatenashi before Houki and the others would find them in this awkward position. Damn you Ichika, you’re a pervert for all eternity!

Anyways, on to the next episode. And one more thing, this mysterious Silent Zephyrus user will appear next week… For some reason, she look like Chifuyu Orimura at first glance.

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