Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #15

Now that the team is inside Dorussia territory, the only way to get out of it (while visiting Liselotte) is the L-Elf way!

So anyways, they begin their escape starting at the Karstein Institute, a barren village where students were trained to kill people efficiently. Pretty much explanatory since Dorussia is a military state.

But first, they need to destroy the institute and hijack a transport plane by letting Saki and Akira hijack two Karlstein students. C’mon, they’re Magius remember?

Meanwhile, it’s the debut of their version of the Valvraves. Enter the Kirschbaums, which are far stronger than their previous Ideal machines.

Heck, even Kyuuma and “Thunder” Yamada are not prepared to take them out. Poor Yamada, he got rubbed on with Dorussian salt!

On the other hand, Marie is getting curious on Haruto since she noticed his right eye completely healed last week. Once more, Marie can interact with Pino, Valvrave One’s AI unit.

Although Marie appears to be having amnesia, I think she was once a spy 5 years prior this series began.

Too bad that Marie got shot in the head by L-Elf. Dammit L-Elf, even though you were trained by the institute, you just killed a vital suspect on uncovering Valvrave’s secrets!

Oh wait, Marie is alive! A gunshot wound in the head won’t kill- What, she’s immortal? OMG!!!

Okay, that was a surprise but I bet that she’ll explain everything on the next episode. Oh yes, I forgot that she has amnesia so she won’t know everything! *facepalm*

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