Strike the Blood Episode #04

I take back what I’ve said last week, it seems that Akatsuki can regrow his body by itself. As expected from the Fourth Progenitor, he’s tougher and I almost lost hope when he died.

But then again, he’s a vampire so he needs blood to make him stronger. Actually, it was his first time biting a girl’s neck and suck her blood. I guess he lost his virginity, but not his penis though…

Anyways, it’s the continuation from last week’s episode as the Combat Deacon from Lotharingia (now named Eustach) and his pet homunculus Astarte are wrecking havoc in Itogami Island.

And they’re not here just to make the island into a wasteland, they’re here to take back Touma’s right arm!

Just kidding, it’s a sacred right arm from their saint which is used as a catalyst to hold 4 sections of the island together. Without it, Itogami Island will sink and all of its inhabitants will perish.

Not to worry though… Thanks to Yukina’s blood, Akatsuki can break Eustach’s delusions with his Regulus Aurum. Oh, and he can summon a fiery lion familiar too!

Well, that should take that deacon down along with his homunculus! With that, Itogami Island is safe.

Of course, it seems that this show is becoming an Index clone thanks to Akatsuki’s right arm. Good thing Strike the Blood didn’t have espers lurking around the island, as well as Akatsuki having Imagine Breaker-like powers.

Anyways, the first arc is over and it’s on to the next episode…

And BTW, Akatsuki can have a blood servant when he bit someone. Fortunately for Himeragi, she didn’t become one because it’s a safe day. Speaking of safe day, is SILVER LINK inserting sexual and pregnancy innuendos on this show?

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