Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode #04

And now, I present you your typical “boy on top, girl on bottom” routine!

After a heartwarming send-off to Kurugaya last week, it’s time to start the next arc. Previously, Riki has a crush on Kurugaya. Now, it’s Rin-chan since he lost his precious memories with Yuiko-anego.

While you expect Masato to get jealous now that Riki is dating Rin-chan, this episode marks the beginning of finding the secrets of the world. Still, I have no idea who’s sending those messages to Riki and Rin-chan. Kyousuke, perhaps? We’ll see…

BTW, since Yuiko-anego is no longer with Little Busters!, I guess I’m worried that the remaining members will follow suit since their respective story arcs are finished (except for Kengo, Masato, and Kyousuke).

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