WHITE ALBUM 2 Episode #04

“Come with me and I’ll make a man out of you!”

It seems that Satelight skipped an event where Setsuna tries to convince her parents to perform at the school festival. I guess they find it boring and it might drag it out.

But no matter, this episode is where Haruki will be trained by Kazusa. C’mon, she’s a genius musician where she practice 10 hours a day to keep her skills in shape. Eventually it paid off when Haruki mastered playing Yuki Morikawa’s famous song “White Album” in a week.

Of course, there’s one more song Haruki needs to master. You know this song from Ep. 1, as well as the first season from Seven Arcs. That’s right, it’s Rina Ogata’s “Sound of Destiny” in which her song won the music festival in 1986 (or 1990 in the visual novel) and catapulted her career to greater heights. Needs to be grainy like those VHS playbacks from the 80’s or early 90’s.

Not sure what happened to Yuki Morikawa’s career after releasing her debut single, but I guess she retired from showbiz. No wonder most of the cast preferred Ogata over Morikawa. Sorry Yuki fanatics…

Anyways, on to the next episode! I hope Haruki can pull off that amazing guitar solo from “Sound of Destiny”.

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