Freezing Vibration Episode #04

Well, this is how Gina learned the hard way… Sacrificing your body to install the Mark IV upgrade, and now you become a Nova!

Anyways, looks like Dr. Oohara would get bitten for this sham!

So, the only way to subdue a failed experiment is to kill it. And I have to say that there’s no other way!

Besides, the E-Pandoras are nothing more than guinea pigs anyway. Oh, and this Nova can’t be subdued alone…

Okay, my bad! It seems that a human-sized Nova can be subdued alone… but you have to be strong in order to defeat it!

Take Charles Bonaparte for instance who can do both Accel and Tempest Turn at the same time, while making phantom clones of herself. She can get serious that is…

…until Gina attacks her fast enough that she couldn’t make a counterattack. Oh well, this is gonna hurt!

Sorry Gina, but it looks like you’ll be a goner at this point!

And look, you’ll hear a tune of a thousand cuts, courtesy of Charles Bonaparte! Well, Gina is subdued… but it paid a higher price as expected.

As for her comrades, they do nothing but watch her die. Although Amelia stopped Charles once, she couldn’t prevent the inevitable!

Anyways, it seems that the girls from West Genetics Academy (specifically both Elizabeth and Satellizer) will have to dig deeper after this incident. Of course, they’ll cost their lives if they pry open Dr. Oohara’s secrets!

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