Kyoukai no Kanata Episode #05

This is Izumi Nase, the elder sister of both Hiromi and Mitsuki. While she appeared in previous episodes, Izumi is the most powerful of the three siblings and she’s doing it for living.

Oh, and Izumi suspended Mirai for encountering a Hollow Shadow last week…

…which means that she’s not gonna hunt youmu for money any time soon. Well, that sucks for your budget!

Oh well, time to find a part-time job. Good thing Mirai found one, but you know what… She look great in maid uniform. Good taste from the Shindou Photo Shop! You know your customer well, especially Akkey!

But anyways, it seems that she’ll have to sit in for a month as the store clerk (and a maid too). And BTW, Mirai joined the Literary Club on this episode. Oh, and she loves gardening, but it would be weird using her blood blade to cut grass or styling flowers!

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