Golden Time Episode #05

Well, Kouko is back after being rejected by Mitsuo. And to give thanks to her newly-found friend Banri, she gave him a pocket mirror. Matching set too!

Still, she’s a bit looney since Kouko has no friends other than Mitsuo. But hey, she’ll change once she and Banri joined the festival club. Then again, it’s a long way to go!

On the other hand, Banri has a ghost… Or rather, his old 17-year old self who died in the aftermath of the accident.

Yes, the old Banri died while the new one took over his body like he’s having amnesia. But seriously, the old Banri should possess his body instead of looking at it!

Then again, the new Banri did meet Linda-sempai… or Nana Hayashida during his stay at a hospital for two months. Although the new Banri look at it as they met for this first time, the old Banri sees it as a reunion.

Who knows, maybe Linda-sempai will tell Banri his 17 years worth of memories one day. For now, it’s back to the present next week! Dammit, please tell them already about your relationship, old Banri!

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