Infinite Stratos 2 Episode #05

Today’s episode… Ichika is being assaulted by girls again! C’mon, it’s been overused already and Ichika doesn’t have a clue on relationship (since he’s the hero of this anime).

Not like the girls care! BTW, that girl in a long cloth that hides her birthday suit? That’s Huang Lingyin. Poor girl, she’s being shafted and demoted recently!

BTW, this episode marks Ichika’s birthday celebration. And while the girls are impressing Ichika with various results…

…it was her sister Chifuyu who takes the top honors. But seriously, she does nothing but feed her brother with parfait. Personally, I rather pick Charlotte as first, Laura as second, and Houki as third! (The student council president doesn’t count.)

Well Ichika, have an idiot birthday! It’s not like the plot is moving forward or anything…

Oh wait, there is one… and this mysterious pilot of the Silent Zephyrus is revealed as Madoka Orimura. Okay, her face is revealed as well as her name. But I speculate that she’s a failed clone of Chifuyu Orimura, or maybe a long-lost sibling.

Anyways, I don’t think Ichika would die from a single shot on the next episode… But damn, what a way to end this birthday party!

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