Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #16

Hello guys, this episode has a Liselotte cameo! Too bad that she remains in the palace…

…while L-Elf and the New JIORians are being pinned down by Dorussian forces. Still, I have a feeling that she’ll replace Emperor Amadeus as the new head of state!

Anyways, it’s the continuation of last week’s episode.

On the other hand, there’s more backstory to Marie Nobi as she’s not only a Magius…

…but she was a test pilot to Valvrave Unit I. I guess Haruto is not the first one to pilot Unit I. Sadly, piloting Unit I would cause her memories to go blank.

And thus, Marie decides to fight head on until she’s brain dead.

Damn, what a sad fate. I guess Pino didn’t allow her to pilot Valvrave Unit I since she’s gonna eat her precious memories!

Anyways, L-Elf’s plan was a success… but it comes at a high price. Still, I wonder what happened to Saki since she’s stuck in K-Zwolf’s body? (And with A-drei at worst!)

The only I’ll be speculating is that she’ll meet Cain at some point in future episodes. For now, rest in peace Marie Nobi!

BTW, this episode is amazingly done… As expected from Sunrise who pull this stunt during Code Geass. Also, I think there’s another faction within Dorussia, which is similar to the Romanov supporters a.k.a. “The White Army”. Maybe they’ll lend the JIORians a hand at some point.

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