Coppelion Episode #05

Aoi, you’re so useless so quit whining!

After what happened last week, it’s back to their usual routine for these three girls. Unfortunately, they got themselves in a pinch…

…as they encountered the rouge 1st Division of the Self-Defense Forces, which was supposed to rescue survivors until they realized that it might cost their lives. So, they decided to kill survivors instead.

Coupled with a father and his pregnant daughter, plus a wounded Taeko, they’re pretty much having a hard time getting away from the rouge army. Oh, and the Prime Minister won’t send them rescue helicopters until the 1st Division are wiped out. Then again, the Prime Minister for this anime is an idiot!

Oh well, looks like the Vice Principal has to send those three girls some backup… However, the question is will the Cleanup Unit help them or not!

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