Log Horizon Episodes #02 – #05

Well, I have to admit myself… Akatsuki is cute to everyone! Too bad that she has the same age as Shiroe in real-life!

Anyways, it’s time for some Log Horizon! This time, Shiroe’s small party is sent to a rescue mission on saving a character in Susukino.

But first, I’m discussing this game called Elder Tale for a bit. In Elder Tale, its setting is based on Earth, but it’s half the size of our current world.

The game consists of 12 classes and numerous sub-classes that you may choose. Not sure if the game implement stats increase/decrease when selecting a race however.

Ever since the expansion pack “Novasphere Pioneers” was released, all players from all around the world were trapped. But unlike Sword Art Online in which the player died in both in-game and in real-life, the player can die and resurrect in a nearby cathedral.

Hence, player-killing is relevant on Elder Tale.

But other than that, fate is worse that death when you realized that the food is tasteless. But it will be fixed that, I guess!

Anyways, this is the girl that Shiroe and his gang will save. She is Serara, a Lvl. 19 Druid and a Lvl. 44 Maid to boot!

Yeah, I think she was recruited by the Crescent Moon Alliance is because she is needed to clean their guild room, not to mention being doted by Marielle and Henrietta. Now, she’s stuck in Susukino since Serara is being hunted down by members of the guild Brigandia.

But not to worry since she has her prince charming named Nyanta, a Lvl. 90 Swashbuckler. You may recognize Jouji Nakata’s dandy voice with a bit of meow, but Nyanta is a close friend to Shiroe and Naotsugu.

In fact, he, along with Shiroe and Naotsugu, was once part of the legendary raid party called “Debauchery Tea Party”. I’m not sure why it was disbanded since they’re technically not a guild, but at least they’re a tightly-knit group of adventurers.

In fact, Shiroe and his allies help both Nyanta and Serara escape Susukino. Of course, they have to defeat Demikas and his Brigandia goons first!

But thanks to their sheer wits and Shiroe’s tactics (in detail), Demikas and his goons are killed and broke free.

Not sure what happened to Nyanta’s left arm (Satelight’s fault, perhaps?), but they beat them.

Oh, and Serara delivered the final blow on Demikas. Sorry, but being a Lvl. 90 Monk won’t beat Shiroe and his friends. Now that Serara is rescued, they’re heading back to Akihabara!

And for added bonus, Nyanta is gonna demonstrate his real cooking skills to Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Akatsuki.

No need for some fancy menu to cook up a meal… Just having a high level as a chef, plus using your hands, and you got yourself a meal with real taste!

Well, I knew that Nyanta has a chef sub-class. Maybe he’s a middle-aged dandy chef in real-life too!

Anyways, this arc is done and on to the next one!

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