Strike the Blood Episode #05

This is Asagi Aiba, one of Akatsuki’s friend who helped him last week by hacking the Itogami Island’s anchor foundation (a.k.a. The hand of a saint the holds the islands together).

Despite being cute, she’s not important for this second arc.

But anyways, the second arc starts with an invitation by the First Progenitor, which holds one of the biggest dominion in Eastern Europe.

Oh, and you can’t go a party with wearing a beautiful dress on this occasion. What can I say, that dress look good on you, Himeragi!

Unfortunately, both Yukina and Kojou were attacked during the party. Man, that was rude…

But said attacker was a descendant to the First Progenitor, or rather the successor to it named Dimitrie Vatler!

Still, it’s a rude thing to attack your guests. And look, he’s interested in Kojou, a.k.a. Kalaid Blood. I mean, his gesture suggests that he wants to stab him in the back. (You know what I mean!)

Anyways, it’s gonna be a messy party on the next episode. And BTW, Kojou’s teacher Natsuki Minamiya has Astarte on her side after last week’s episode, which is a good thing considering that she has her hands full on investigating some factions relating to smuggling magical articles.

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  1. kyocrisis says:

    Good stuff. One of the shows I am watching this season

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