Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode #05

Well, it’s time for both Rin and Riki to complete the final task! By becoming volunteers to guide people around the school campus, they will get the secret of the world.

Yet again, it might not be the case!

In fact, they won’t be seeing the secret together as it was revealed that Rin was selected to be an exchange student from another school far, far away!

Of course, it’s not like Rin is completely ready to interact with other people. I mean, she was frozen solid after interacting with officials from another school. But still, she’s gonna take it anyway since the exchange program helps her to become sociable.

Now that they didn’t find the secret of the world (or is it?), it’s time to find out who’s sending those messages?

Surprisingly, it was revealed that Kyousuke is doing it not just for fun, but he’s forcing his sister Rin to mature. Of course, he won’t tell Riki regarding the secret of the world easily!

Well, I guess I knew that it was him all along, but why Kyousuke doing this? Although Kyousuke’s reason is that he’s graduating soon and he has no time taking care of his sister is the logical conclusion, but there are other reasons that he couldn’t tell to Riki, or even his friends. I got a gut feeling that he’s going all-jerk towards Kengo and Masato, and the rest of the Little Busters! in the future.

Anyways, it’s on to the next episode. And BTW, Kyousuke left Riki behind in the forest. That’s not cool!

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