WHITE ALBUM 2 Episode #05

You know that Setsuna is gonna pull something bad with her hidden eyes!

Ah, misunderstanding… Two people can’t understand each-other, and you got some unfortunate implications brewing up. Ever since Haruki stayed at Kazusa’s place to practice 10 hours a day, Setsuna thinks that they’re doing some extra-curricular (a.k.a. sex).

But since Haruki is smart enough to notice it (thanks to Kazusa for telling him about Setsuna’s story), the scenario of Haruki being pushed to his doom by Setsuna is averted. It’s bad for a guy leaving your heroine jealous over a girl.

And on the positive side, they greet themselves using their first names. Now Haruki, please let go of Takeya. I mean, your friend is helping you backstage!

Anyways, on to the next episode… But unfortunately, it seems that Kazusa has reached her limit and collapsed!

You know, she’s getting emotional as days passed. No wonder she got a slight tantrum and left the classroom ’cause a teacher grab her precious thing.

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