Machine-Doll is Unbreakable Episode #05

On this episode, Raishin and Yaya encountered a new enemy… or rather a dojikko with big knockers. Still, Shoko can beat her when it comes to size! *wink*

So anyways, it’s the start of another new arc where Raishin faces Frey. Ranked 99th, she’s dim-witted to be a puppeteer despite having those boobies that are similar to Nakuru Narumi. (Looks like Kana Asumi is voicing another busty character.)

BTW, Frey has a younger brother named Loki…

But that said brother is stronger than her sister since he’s part of the Rounds. Sounds like it’s Mahouka to me, even though its anime adaptation is not aired yet, but it’s slightly twisted!

Despite having a huge power gap between Loki and Frey, their automatons are built by their sponsor Divine Works, utilizing an experimental circuit called “Sonic”. And when I say experimental, expect their respective automatons named Cherubim and Ravi to glitch-up at any given time.

Since Raishin has to prepare himself for the Carnival fight against Frey, he’s also being ordered by Shoko to gather intelligence regarding Divine Works (and exploit their weaknesses if necessary). After all, Raishin isn’t here in Great Britain just to take vengeance…

Yaya on the other hand… *sigh* I think her expression speaks for herself when Frey appeared.

Oh, and Frey and Charlotte aren’t the only girls interested in Raishin (Shoko not included), but Yaya’s machine doll sisters Irori and Komurasaki. So it’s not like Raishin is interested in love or anything, other than pestering him to be his wife!

Unfortunately, things got worse for Yaya… Well, I guess it’s her own fault for letting her guard down. C’mon, Raishin is preparing for the upcoming match, and yet she got attack by an unknown automaton!

I have a feeling that it’s either Frey’s Ravi or Loki’s Cherubim that attacked Yaya without warning. I mean, their circuits is experimental despite being patented.

Who knows, maybe next episode will find the answer!

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