Freezing Vibration Episode #05

Well, I guess the West Genetics Academy will have to dig deeper on the E-Pandora project. Unfortunately for Satellizer, she got broken limbs thanks to Elizabeth at the end of Ep. 4!

It’s a good thing that Elizabeth sidelined her for the duration of this episode. What’s more, she has her time with her unbaptized Limiter Kazuya in Bali, Indonesia.

Anyways, it’s the continuation from last week’s episode…

Since Satellizer and Kazuya left Alaska, Elizabeth continues her plan to find Dr. Oohara’s top secret documents and sent it to her family. After all, the Mably family name is on the line!

Elizabeth finally sent the E-Pandora documents…

…but she was apprehended not by Dr. Oohara’s guards, but Pandoras served by her sponsor Chevalier, who treat Pandoras (both natural and artificial) as tools of war. Well, it is a typical response coming from the CEO of the Chevalier Group.

Of course, he’s not ordering his goons to rape her easily…

Instead, he decides to mind break her masquerading as part of an experiment, while defaming her family name in the form of scandals. I guess her actions are in vain, just like the E-Pandora experiment! The good thing about this is that Satellizer’s family is spared for now since they won’t suffer the same fate as hers.

Anyways, on to the next episode…

Or rather, I feel regret on watching the next one, let alone blog it now that Satellizer’s infamous little brother has appeared.

Dammit, I shouldn’t blog this sequel from the start! Dammit to hell!!!

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  1. MR.KLAC says:

    oh yea indeed feel the SWERVE or pull a Joss Whedon twist story reveal yea they “surprise” both stories together.

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