Kyoukai no Kanata Episode #06

Today’s episode, Mirai got her license back. Now she can kill youmu again for money… Hurray!!!

Of course, her next target might be very hard for little Mirai. Oh yes, the reason why she’s wearing frilly clothes?

It’s because her target youmu is attracted cute human girls! But be careful though… Once you attempt to attack this youmu, it’ll explode into a pool of stinky goo!

It took them many attempts and they can’t get it right…

But when all else fails, you can distract it with the power of music and dance! It was a failure though…

Oh well, at least KyoAni put up a dance performance since Hare Hare Yukai. And BTW, that girl in the center is a youmu named Ai Shindou, just to let you know!

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