Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #17

Well, I guess Haruto has gone angsty over the death of Marie. No wonder he’s scared of turning his body into an empty shell. Of course, he’s not the only one…

In fact, Cain and his Magius Council are harvesting people for runes. No wonder they’re sick bastards controlling the Earth Sphere!

On the other hand, H-Neun is getting suspicious on Colonel Cain since he witnessed his superhuman powers, and he wants to investigate inside Cain’s secret castle.

Unfortunately, his investigation was short-lived thanks to the colonel. Heck, he didn’t say good-bye to Kriemhild when he has the time.

I guess the only interpretation was either H-Neun was killed outright by Cain, or he becomes another host for a Magius to feed on. Oh, and you can throw X-Eins too!

Nevertheless, that leaves Cain’s squad with just 2 (or 3 if X-Eins survived) ace pilots. But damn, that was a shocking discovery.

Oh well, looks like Haruto has no other choice but to end this curse by himself. Speaking of Haruto, L-Elf wants to pilot the Valvrave too, but he can’t because Pino detects him having small quantity of runes inside his body. Ouch…

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