Infinite Stratos 2 Episode #06

Well, it seems that Ichika is safe thanks to Laura. Too bad that Madoka ran away after that. Tch, fighting like a coward, huh?

Anyways, good thing that he didn’t die on his birthday. Lucky bastard! And BTW, nice eyes Laura!

On the other hand, he’s back in action after that scare. Too bad that his return was short-lived since he saved Charl from an explosion.

Now, Ichika’s Byakushiki is being repaired due to abnormalities in quantum shift and materialization. In short, Ichika can’t summon his weapons quickly nor materialize it in the right place…

This affects Charlotte too in which her… panties are disappearing thanks to Byakushiki’s abnormalities. Well Charl, I guess you haven’t experience going commando!

Still, I wish her good luck if she keeps her skirt down…

…especially when you’re in front of Ichika-kun. But you know what, you should wear your pants for the time being instead. But hey, at least she won’t suffer on disappearing panties now that Byakushiki is fixed.

Anyways, on to the next episode but I have a feeling that next week will introduce new characters. Some of them are spies too!

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