Strike the Blood Episode #06

Well guys and girls, meet Natsuki Minamiya and her personal maid Astarte. I guess Kojou’s teacher put that homunculus into good use!

On the other hand, I knew that Dimitrie Vatler is gay for the Fourth Progenitor. I’m not being homophobic, but it reminds me of Vampire Knight, minus the reverse harem.

Anyways, it’s the continuation of the second arc and lot of detail has been revealed. First of all, the reason why Dimitrie Vatler (or Lord Ardeal) came to Itogami Island is to lure Christoph Gardos, the new leader of the terrorist group Black Death Emperor Faction whose main purpose is to resurrect an ancient weapon called Nalakuvera and rule over Eastern Europe (a.k.a. Warlord’s Domain).

But that said weapon was decoded by Asagi, being received by an unknown sender as part of a challenge. I speculate that it’s Christoph Gardos (or his henchmen) is the one who send it, but there’s no other choice but for both Kojou and Yukina to protect Asagi, find Christoph and kill him before Dimitrie goes for the finishing blow.

But first, Kojou has to deal with Yukina’s yandere roommate named Sayaka Kirasaka. Well guys, this series got a Kuroko Shirai and a Ayase Aragaki expy… and she’s mad at Akatsuki-kun for preying on Himeragi!

Oh boy, it’s gonna be one hell of a race! The only thing Sayaka needs is to say “My little sister!” with her eyes wide open and her irises shrunk to fit with the Kuroko and Ayase character.

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