Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku o Ketsui Shimashita Episode #06

Anyways, it seems that Raul and Fino has declared war on the Amada Group. But the weird thing is, why did the staff know about their presence? Are they stating that confident on beating the Leon Group? Who knows…

On the other hand, their costume won’t work since the Amada Group has Sphere!

Speaking of the Amada Group, aside from having wider reach and cheaper goods, it seems that there is some ethical issues like using expendable monsters for cheap labor. This makes Foxconn more like heaven than a hellhole. In fact, this company producing Magic TV sets was once independent until it was bought by the Amada Group. Heck, all of the products sold on their stores were part of the group.

I have a conspiracy theory that the Amada Group was being led by a demon lord, who killed the hero, disguise himself as one, and became famous for “destroying” the said demon lord. Or maybe it’s the hero himself who decides that his famous victory would land himself on the job as the CEO and became a greedy person after that.

For now, there’s a growing threat of magic eaters lurking around the capital. Maybe it’s Amada’s fault for using monsters as laborers. Then again, they’ll do anything to cover up their mess!

Fanservice aside, it’s gonna be a uphill battle for Raul, Fino, and their friends at the Leon Group. But first, Raul and Fino have to deal with trouble on the next episode!

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