Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode #06

I know how you feel without Rin at your side, Riki!

Well, it sucks now that Rin has moved to another school. But what about Rin, did she made some friends there, you ask? Nope, not a single one since no one would interact her, which makes her very lonely.

Well Kyousuke, looks like your plan have backfired…

And he got what he deserved after being punched by Kengo, of all people. Well Little Busters!, playing baseball in the rain is so depressing. Why you should play a game when Rin needs your help?

God, I knew that she’s not ready to face the world by her own…

So Riki decides to grab Rin and run away together. It’s a good idea but can you protect Rin on your own just like Kyousuke, Riki? Of course not, you’re too young!

In the end, they we’re found by the police and taken away. And that’s the end of Rin’s arc unfortunately. The build-up of Rin being Riki’s girlfriend is cute, but the revelation that she’ll move to another school as an exchange student thanks to Kyousuke is mind-baffling!

Of course, it’s the not the end yet as next week will move to the last arc for Little Busters! Maybe the secrets of the world will be revealed by Kyousuke in the future. Just maybe…

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