WHITE ALBUM 2 Episode #06

Welcome back to Earth, Kazusa! I guess that Haruki pick you up, put you to bed, and nurse you back to health. Of course, Haruki didn’t rape you while sleeping…

Speaking of which, where’s Kazusa’s mother when she needed the most?

Well, the reason why her mother is not here is because Mrs. Youko Touma left her daughter to Paris. While Mrs. Youko hired a physician, a tutor, and other necessary people to take care of her daughter, it’s not enough without a mother’s touch! After all, Kazusa is a daughter of a famous pianist.

So yes, Haruki stayed in Kazusa’s place until she regained her strength. The good thing is that Haruki finally mastered that guitar solo from “Sound of Destiny”…

…the bad news is that he left Setsuna when he’s needed during the rehearsal! Well, that’s sucks since Haruki spends more time with Kazusa than Setsuna, just like Touya having more time with Rina than Yuki.

Unfortunately, this is not a rehash of WHITE ALBUM 1. Haruki is smarter and nicer than Touya so there’s no way he could abandon Setsuna over Kazusa. If he did, expect his head being put on a nice boat. Of course, this is not School Days either…

Anyways, I think the next episode is the day of the school festival. And just one thing, the band is also performing “Todokanai Koi” (a.k.a. the opening theme of WHITE ALBUM 2) as the last song other than “White Album” and “Sound of Destiny”.

Then again, having Haruki writing the lyrics for “Todokanai Koi” makes me wonder if he’s doing it for someone else. Who knows, maybe he’s writing it for Kazusa or someone, which makes Setsuna very sad when she read the lyrics at the end. Poor girl, she might end up having unrequited love for Haruki.

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