Machine-Doll is Unbreakable Episode #06

Well, that’s sucks for Yaya getting hit by a stray bullet. No doctors nor engineers can heal her, only Raishin can…

…and so was Charlotte Belew, where she barely got injured. C’mon Yaya, at least you’re being healed by Raishin’s friends. (Not girlfriends, but friends!)

Meanwhile, Raishin and Komurasaki (in hologram) met one of the oldest Garm-type automatons named Yomi. While this parent canine automaton has the same Sonic circuit as Ravi, it knows the secrets behind Divine Works as they recruit (or kidnap) children who have high affinity for mana and use them for their experiments.

I have to say, what a revelation Yomi said to Raishin. Of course, my complaint for it was is Yomi male or female? Obviously it was female if you hear its voice, where in the original light novel it was different.

Sadly, Yomi was sacrificed to save Raishin. I mean, he has a fight coming up and he’s a mule to the Japanese government after all!

Oh well, at least he knows the darkest secret behind Frey and Loki’s sponsor.

Speaking of Frey, what happened to her when she has a fight with Raishin? Ridiculous!

Oh well, at least a fight against Loki is more satisfying (and not so gut-wrenching) than Frey…

On second though, it’s gut-wrenching to see him protecting Yaya when she could do it on her own. After all, Yaya is unbreakable! (Well, most of the time…)

So anyways, I hope Frey and her pet automaton Ravi is a-okay on the next episode. And seriously Raishin, don’t be a jackass protecting your machine doll against a transforming automaton!

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