Kyoukai no Kanata Episode #07

I have an idea, guys and girls. Since you have watched last week’s episode of Kyoukai no Kanata, I was pitching an idea to Kyoto Animation that they would make an idol anime series inspired by Idolmaster, AKB48, or Love Live!

That would work since they can do fluid, hand-drawn dance sequences like Ep. 6, but I guess you don’t want it because they don’t have the budget to make more!

Anyways, Sakura Inami is back as a transfer student after what happened back in Ep. 4. Of course, she still has a grudge on Mirai for killing her sister Yui, at least they made peace in the end since A.) Mirai is stronger against Sakura. B.) That weapon Sakura is holding wants to devour her.

Speaking of Sakura’s weapon, it seems that it was owned by that guy from Ep. 3! I guess that he’s in cahoots with a “shady” organization hunting down Hollow Shadow stones. But anyways, on to the next episode… and it seems that time will stand still (other than the title drop).

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