Coppelion Episode #07

Remember Aoi-chan? Thanks to her stupidity, she lock herself up, went to a corner and sulking heavily. See Aoi-chan, your stupidity have put Taeko and Ibara-sempai out of commission!

And while Aoi is crying and not doing anything, here’s Haruto doing his best to save Naruse’s life. Please do note that it’s CPR so it’s not like Haruto stole Naruse’s kiss!

Good thing Ibara-sempai and Taeko have recovered, but still they need to save civilians living in the Planet compound without any help from the military. And they have to do it faster since one of the survivors, a pregnant woman, is going into labor.

On the other hand, the reason why the leader of the 1st Division wanted to capture the medical unit of Coppelion, since all Coppelion operatives can survive high levels of radiation, is because they want all of the contaminated waste to be put to the epicenter of the disaster and use it to threaten the government.

Well, that’s a convincing reason considering that the current Prime Minister of Japan is a lunatic and they want him and his staff dead! Of course, this would make Japan as the enemy around the world, all while turning Tokyo into more than just a wasteland.

Anyways, let’s move on to the next episode… and what a surprise that there is an evil counterpart to Naruse’s team.

Although they’re just two of them, I believe that Coppelion has rouges within the organization, especially that the Ozu sisters are part of Haruto’s cleanup unit. Well, this is gonna suck but at least they finally appeared!

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