Fall 2013: The rest of the field… 2nd Half!

Guys and girls, it’s time for the halfway point this Fall 2013, so I can make up for not blogging the “2nd Half” on some of the shows during Summer 2013 like Silver Spoon, Blood Lad, etc.! BTW, due to that infamous reveal in Freezing Vibration Ep. 5, I won’t blog that show until the so-called “Siblings Arc” is over.

Yeah, most of you don’t like that arc, including me! You may think Louis as Kyubey, wanted to shoot him down until he’s dead… and then his clone appeared and eat the old one up! *shrugs*

01. Gundam Build Fighters

Let’s start with Gundam as Sei and Reiji are getting stronger with every passing moment, this includes beating an idol/Gunpla modeler hybrid with unconventional means. (Ugh, why do you have to do this Sunrise?)

Likewise, the plot might be kid-friendly, but it’s getting more interesting with more shout-outs being thrown at.

02. Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!

Now for the fanservice-laden wrestling anime, Sakura Hagiwara got her revenge by defeating Rio Kazama thanks to her somersault kick. Of course, the only thing I hate before getting her first win was losing like 65 times!

Good thing she was trained by Misaki Toyoda ’cause I’ll be dropping this if she loses and quits wrestling altogether. In the end, Sakura gets the win but she’s going to continue her career as a wrestler, which is bad in my opinion considering her abysmal record and not to mention running away from her friend Elena-chan, who wanted to beat her fair-and-square in the idol stage. Ugh, I guess it can’t be helped since Sakura loves wrestling.

Plot aside, the production is still has the same quality and still disappointed that they didn’t air the show uncensored. But hey, someone is bring this anime to the real-world by turning a voice actress into a wrestler. How hard and insane can be?

03. Tokyo Ravens

Having being kissed by a bad girl, then that girl kills his childhood friend Hokuto (She lives however… as a dragon), Harutora decides to be a badass familiar to Natsume Tsuchimikado.

But unfortunately, Harutora’s life as her familiar is not quite easy since he needs to protect her from fanatics while keeping a secret that Natsume is a girl (since she needs to dress-up as a boy as per tradition). Expect some moments when you think they’re doing BL.

While Harutora’s life was changed after seeing Hokuto’s death, I think he’s too weak and vulnerable yet (not to mention being an idiot for having his first kiss being stolen). And as for that bad girl named Suzuka Dairenji? She disappeared. What the fuck! I might give this a chance once the story improves until December. BTW, Kon is the only saving grace for this show… and s/he’s so cute!

04. Nagi no Asakura

Well, this anime is no longer having the love triangle premise of Hikari, Tsumugu, and Manaka anymore. Now, Chisaki joins in the mix as she loves Hikari despite him not realizing her true feelings (like any other protagonist who are oblivious).

Still, all of them will become best friends at the end of this series. But then again, they’ll be very hurt if they are friend-zoned to each other so I guess P.A.Works decides to add more person who’s in love with someone. What a way to mess things up P.A.Works, but I might blog your show if you keep churning out good things thru winter!

Other than romance, I think the relationship between the people from the sea and the land-living humans hangs in the balance. I guess those sea-living people don’t want to repeat on what happened to Miuna’s mother. Then again, Hikari’s sister Akari wants to marry Miuna’s father, which is problematic since sea-living people would lose their ability to breath underwater.

05. Kill La Kill

And finally, here’s Kill La Kill… and it’s getting better and better with high-stakes battles, and a fated duel between Ryuko and Satsuki that you want to pierce the heavens with your fist held up high!

Enough said, this anime is the best anime series during this Fall 2013. Maybe I’ll have a chance on blogging this one when Kill La Kill continues thru Winter.

Anyways, I’ll just wait for the ending for these series. Oh, and please don’t discuss about Freezing until then…

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  1. kyocrisis says:

    I would not say Kill la Kill is the best thing this fall, but to each their own. Very overrated imo. Spot on about everything else.

  2. MR.KLAC says:

    well female wrestling anime give 1st half of it done yea give sure 2nd half get better give wonder whole sakura-elena drama will be now?

    speak of anime got part “we can’t say” due need lots of drink to wash it away yea maybe by ep.8 back to cold area i think?

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