Golden Time Episode #07

“Am I cute, uguu~?”

If this Golden Time was animated by Kyoto Animation, it won’t have just flowers… but vines, plants, and anything that grows from her back and en-roach Banri into a psychedelic trip filled with technicolor sparkles!

Anyways, it seems that Kouko is dating Banri after saving him from jumping off a bridge! But what about Linda-sempai?

It turns out that they have reconciled after Ep. 6. Although Banri slightly remembers his past, at least they don’t need to ignore each other now that it’s been settled for now. But unfortunately since Banri has a girlfriend, I think it’s gonna be one hell of a love triangle if he wants to stick with Kouko or Linda-sempai.

Anyways, on to the next episode where Mitsuo got caught in some trouble inside the campus. Although I want to say that it’s because of his dyed hair, I think it’s something worse that happened to Mitsuo.

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