Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #18

Liselotte, so many rune patches you have!

I have a feeling that Liselotte turned into a Magius thanks to Cain. But nothing to worry, you’ll be saved soon enough!

Anyways, the royalists have appeared as promised back in Ep. 16. And it’s being led by Kriemhild, who doesn’t know that H-Neun has either died or turned into a Magius. But hey, at least she’s helping the JIORians instead of killing them as intruders.

On the other hand, Haruto finally meets his bumbling dad named Dr. Souichi Tokishima. Sure that he’s a doting parent, but he’s actually the one who created the Valvraves.

In fact, this episode reminds me of how Kira Yamato became the Ultimate Coordinator, except that Haruto was born naturally from his mother but Dr. Tokishima mess his genes up at one point. Ugh, creepy as hell!

Oh well, the only thing Haruto needs is to punch his father to the face. Sorry Dr. Tokishima, but you deserved to be hit!

BTW, this is where Sunrise lost their animation budget. At least it would be fixed on BluRay, right?

Anyways, looks like L-Elf is saving Liselotte after all… But on the other hand, this episode reveals that L-Elf has a real name called Mikhail, and he might be part of the Dorussian royal family. If the latter is true, I might see his descendant being acted like a prince 200 years later.

Now then, it’s time to escape from Dorussia on to the next episode… ’cause they need to hurry if they want to save Module 77 from being assimilated by the Magius. Oh, and Saki as well!

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